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Switching your management to SennenPM couldn’t be easier as we will handle the whole process for you, from determining the notice period and delivering this to your current agent all the way through to handover.

We understand that most residents want two simple things; a high quality service and value-for-money. Delivering a high quality service requires one vital ingredient, time at your development actually managing it. Due to our unique business model, we are able to provide more on-site time to your site and therefore we fully understand it and subsequently we can manage it effectively. Not only will we be there more often, we’ll advise you in advance of our visits so you can meet us or ask us to check something. You’ll then get an inspection report next working day detailing our visit on our portal.

We also utilise our extensive experience in this industry to ensure you receive the best value-for-money from quality, local contractors for everyday services and by collating our portfolio for group discounts from national suppliers where appropriate.

So whether you are a Residents Management Company, a Developer looking for a new agent or you are would like to set-up a Right-To-Manage company please Contact Us today to hear more about how we can deliver the service and efficiency you need.


Choosing your Managing Agents is of vital importance for developers, it’s as important as the Customers Services you provide for your customers as it’s your agent who represents you after the sale has completed. Too many agents will simply ‘blame the builder’ as an easy excuse, at SennenPM we ensure your reputation is maintained by dealing with any issues in a professional and timely manner.

At SennenPM we have many years of experience partnering with developers and offering an additional service to them to assist in this process. We look to get involved as soon as possible from technical meetings, preparing a suitable budget with you, on-site sales support and ensuring your brand is protected and enhanced after you have left site.

Our unique approach to delivering our service allows us more time on the ground, face-to-face with residents and managing the development in a proactive way. Therefore we often identify and address issues before it becomes a bigger problem. With our portal, residents can also log and track any issues themselves.

Please Contact Us today to hear about our services and how they can be a benefit to your product.


Residents Management Companies

Residents Management Companies are the lifeblood of our business, but we feel many Managing Agents (and many RMC’s too) misunderstand the relationship between these two entities. We believe (and this is the case of course) that we are the agents and there to take your instructions regarding the management of your development and not tell you what services you will have. Of course, we are guided by the requirements of the lease but thereafter we want to provide a management service that you are happy with.

We work closely with your directors to initially understand fully what service you currently receive from your contractors, what service you require and how we can implement this. Using our expertise and network of quality contractors, we can then make any necessary changes to achieve the results you require.

Due to the unique way we work, you will then have a defined schedule of when your property manager will be at your development. You can then confidently make any arrangements to see them, ask them to look into any issues and lastly feel confident that you are being managed in a pro-active and hands-on manner.

Please Contact Us today for more information on how SennenPM can help.



Sometimes, you don’t have an easy route to changing your managing agents. Perhaps your development is managed by the freeholder or your Managing Agents are written into your lease.

In most of these cases, taking control of the management function is beneficial both in terms of costs and service and for this reason legislation allows you to take over this responsibility via the Right-To- Manage process.

We have experience of this process and can therefore assist you, either with a view to managing the development on completion or even if you just wish to self manage thereafter.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.



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