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About us

About us

SennenPM utilises many years of experience within the Block and Estate Management sector to offer a fresh approach. We use modern technology to enable a more mobile and dynamic company which means a better service to you and more importantly, more time managing your development in a pro-active manner.

All too often, Managing Agents don’t spend enough time on-site actually managing the property. Our approach uses Cloud based technology which frees up more time to be pro-active, at your property.

One day all Managing Agents will work this way, until then there’s SennenPM.

We offer a fresh new approach

SennenPM was created by taking the best bits of traditional Managing Agents and fusing these with a fresh new approach to take Managing Agents to the next level. Our belief is that Managing Agents should be customer focused and much more pro-active, this is why we are on-site more often meeting residents.

We advise residents in advance of our inspection visits so they can arrange to meet us or simply ask us to look into something. We then provide an Inspection Report on that visit which available on our portal the next working day.

So whether you are a Developer looking for a new agent that provides a better service to your customers, an existing Residents Management Company who would like an agent who actually inspects their development or you wish to set up a Right-To-Manage company we can help.

Please feel free to contact us in order to hear more about how we can take you to this next level too and see our Switch to SennenPM page for details of how we can help.

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